Manchester Community Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
Where people count and Christ is honored.


 The MCC Social Committee is a group that is very dedicated to our church and is available to assist in whatever way we can.  Because of the pandemic this past year we did not have our weekly coffee hour after church each Sunday to spend time with our friends before we start a new week.  Hopefully we will be able to have this socializing soon.




Annual Family Christmas Potluck Supper

Our potluck supper is held on the first Friday in December at 6 p.m. but this year we will hold our supper on the second Friday, December 11th due to the Christmas Fair being held December 3rd and 4th. .  All are welcome.

Along with our awesome food, we will be playing our Christmas ornament Left -right Swap game.  So please being a Christmas Ornament.  This game is a lot of fun and we found out that we had a hard time remembering our left from our right. lol