Manchester Community Church
Friday, March 31, 2023
Where people count and Christ is honored.

The Reverend Donald Stanley Davenport

A Celebration of the Life of

   The Reverend

  Donald Stanley Davenport

   1936 - 2022











Manchester Community Church


   “Where people count, and Christ is honored.”          

Established 1833

             Pastor Alec Rogers

                              August 6, 2022 at 10:00 AM

The Procession       “Surely The Presence”     MCC Choir


Welcome                                             Pastor Alec Rogers


Military Honors   


The Liturgy of Word & Song                       


    Scriptural Invocation                                 Pastor Alec


    Opening Prayer                                         Pastor Alec


    Hymn #186          “The Old Rugged Cross”


    Reading: Psalm 23                                     Pastor Alec    


Song:    “Dancing in the Sky”            Recorded and sung by       

        Kelly Davenport


    Remembrance:        Rev. Robert Bradstreet, lifelong friend


Remembrance & Song:    “The Prayer”      Don Sweeney


    Remembrances:                   Neiland Douglas, with written

         sentiments by Bruce Sharp, lifelong friends


    Song:         “Precious Memories”         Recorded & sung by

Jean & Joan


    Remembrance:                                     Ken Fuller, brother


    Song:               “What’ll I Do”                    Bob Colwell


    Selected Scriptures                                     Pastor Alec


    Eulogy:    “That They Might Lovely Be”     Pastor Alec


Closing Prayer and Lord’s Prayer                  Pastor Alec


Commendation and Benediction                  Pastor Alec


Postlude                                                        Lisa Harding



A reception & light lunch will follow this service in the new Fellowship Hall.  All are welcome.  Thank you for sharing this morning with us.


Thank you to this morning’s ushers: Don & Lynn Sweeney and Bud and Teddy Ware.




“Love the unlovable.

Forgive the unforgivable.”