Manchester Community Church
Friday, March 31, 2023
Where people count and Christ is honored.

December 24, 2022 Christmas Eve Service

Manchester Community Church

  Alexander Rodman Rogers, Pastor


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

December 24, 2022 6:00 P.M.


Prelude                                                                    Lisa Harding


Opening Song       “Go, Tell It on the Mountain”      David Peabody


Welcome                                                                 Pastor Alec Rogers


*Processional Carol #125      “Joy to the World”  (VSS. 1,2,4)


Lighting of the Advent Wreath and Christ Candle    The Root Family


                     The Christmas Story in Word and Song


The Journey to Bethlehem                                          Pastor Alec


Song:                           “O Holy Night”                      Patricia Searle


Out Under the Night Sky                                            Pastor Alec


*Community Carol #132 “Angels We Have Heard on High” (Vss 1, 3)


A Most Humble Birth                                                 Pastor Alec


Song:                      “What Child Is This?”                 Lisa Harding


Anthem              “Welcome to Our World”                 Choir

Everything Our Hearts Longed For                           Pastor Alec


Song:               “Hallelujah Christmas”                      Jean Davenport

Lighting of the Congregation                                     Joan Morgan Candles                                                                     Don Sweeney


*Community Carol #147      “Silent Night! Holy Night!”


Christmas Prayer                                                       Pastor Alec


Christmas Benediction                                               Pastor Alec


Tonight’s presentation of the Christmas story is adapted from the nativity account found in the Gospel of Luke with references from the Gospel of John and messianic prophecies found in the Old Testament books of Genesis, Isaiah and Micah.  The Manchester Community Church family is grateful for the opportunity to share this evening with you.  It is our prayer that the great gift of the Christmas season would be yours in your heart.  Merry Christmas!


               Manchester Community Church Choir

                                    Lisa Harding, Choir Director

            Tom Chasse                                          Jean Davenport                        

            John Gragg                                           Butch Harding

            Cindy Keller                                          Warren Kessler

Joan Morgan                                         Annette Peabody

David Peabody                                     Patricia Searle                       

Don Sweeney                                       


               Ushers:       Deanna Mosher Hallett     Barbara Morse


          2022 CHRISTMAS

                         POINSETTIAS ON THE      



In Memory & Honor of:                      Given By:

Fred & Gladys Benner, Vincent &

Thelma Craig, Brothers, Harley

& Mannie Craig, and Sister Ellen                        Warren & Rose Benner

Gert & Lee Adams, Brother Lee                          Harry & Dee Dee Black

Brown and Chasse Families                                Tomas & Nancy Chasse

Rev. Donald Stanley Davenport,

Stanley & Ruth Davenport                                   Jean Davenport & family

Joe & Claudia Arnold, Paul Gagnon

          and David P.                                                       Arlene Gagnon, Gail & family

         Our Families                                                        Vernon & Nancy Gettig

Mary Godbout, Kathy Godbout, and

Brother Bob                                                        Dick Godbout

Bud Hallett, Floyd & Margaret Mosher,

Clarence & Clara Turner, and

Perley & Edith Hallett                                         Deanna Mosher Hallett & family

Leroy Harrington                                                Margaret Harrington & family

Robert Blake and Don Herber                           Jackie Herber

Greg & Charlotte Page, Cliff Master,

Bob Master, Al Jackson and

Sonny Chavarie                                                 Sandy Jackson & family

Our Parents                                                       Mike & Debra Johnson

Larry French, Edgar & Tressie Maddox            Jr. & Deb Maddox

Rev. Ernest B. Johnson &Jan Johnson             MCC Church

Clyde Morgan & Louise Morgan Perkins,

Roy Perkins                                                       Joan & Debbie Morgan & family

Gerry Peabody and Gertrude Dodge                 Annette, David, Doug Peabody

Nanna A. Ingham & Wm H. Ingham Jr and

Horatio R. Rogers                                              The Rogers family

Bill & Isabelle Rollins and Debbie Rollins           Dee Rollins

Our mom, Nancy A. Root and our son

Spencer Bradford Root                                        Brian & Alyson Root

Leon Strout, Albert & Leonida Nadeau and

Everett & Carla Strout                                         Terry Strout & family

Mark & Phyllis, Wilson & Ethel,

Brother Ronnie                                                    Don & Lynn Sweeney

Rev. & Mrs. Norman Townsend and

Rev. & Mrs. Bradford Hess                                  Alfred & BetteJeanne Townsend

Our Loved Ones                                                  Bud & Teddy Ware

Our Son Edward                                                  Norman & Addie Weymouth 



        Manchester Community Church


                      Christmas Eve

                  Candlelight Service


   December 24, 2022



                          6:00 P.M.