Manchester Community Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
Where people count and Christ is honored.


  2017 Choir with Dick Cutliffe

Joan Morgan, Jean Davenport, Rose Benner and Pastor Don

Choir with new robes for Easter


Dick Cutliffe

  Jean and Joan     

Dick Cutliffe   Roger Bachelder 


   Gerry Fotter        Joan and Gerry

   2016 Senior Choir with Dick Cutliffe

  MCC Sonshine Kids     

  2015 MCC Senior Choir  

  Jean Davenport, Joan Morgan, Rick Burnham, Dick Cutliffe

     John Gragg


 Christmas Eve Service Alex Rogers

Wednesday 6:15 -7:00 p.m. Choir Rehearsal

The choir provides music during the Sunday morning service each week along with special praise songs. Members of the choir sing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  If you would like to join us new members always welcome.  Annette Peabody is the choir director and Annabelle Curtis is the organist.
The Music Committee has 6 members, with at least three being members of the choir: Annette Peabody, Richard Godbout, Cynthia Keller, Joan Morgan, Thelma Ware
Members of the Senior Choir include: Lisa Harding, Keyboarder; Annette Peabody, Director, Pastor Don Davenport, Jean Davenport, Dick Godbout, John Gragg, Cindy Keller, Joan Morgan, Teddy Ware, Don Sweeney and Butch Harding
During the summer months the choir takes a vacation and special music is provided by guests from the community, soloists or small groups which gives members of the congregation or guests an opportunity to share their musical talents.  For example the below photo shows Don and Jean Davenport and Joan Morgan signing a popular, patriotic song from the 1860's (Civil War).  Jean and Joan are known in Central Maine as the "Morgan twins".
At various times during the year, there are also programs presented in the evening.
Choir on July 4, 2011 Senior Choir